Content Makers Award: Budding Writers & Videographers!

Content Makers Award



Thank you very much to everyone who entered, the standard was so high and we really enjoyed reading all the entries. We would definitely like to do something similar again.


Our amazing winners are as follows:

Overall Winner: Pippa Stacey. Pippa writes a moving letter to her younger self before she was diagnosed with a chronic illness which changed everything about her care-free, problem-free university experience. A powerful, poignant read, which left us feeling reflective and inspired. Read her piece here


Most Accomplished Storyteller: Chloe Price. Chloe wrote a diary entry of her first day at work, compared to work a year later, it’s funny, relatable and well written! Chloe starts with worrying about all the things she doesn’t know, then you find she forgets what she didn’t know, as she seems to have taken to the job like a duck to water. This should be read by anyone who has ever started their first job or is about to start their first job, so everyone! Read her piece here


Most Original Interpretation: Rosalie Minnitt. Rosalie entered a snippet from a play. Anna, a girl who has recently left university, talks to a complete stranger about her struggles and feelings since leaving. She helps him unravel some feelings and actually ends up helping him by sharing her problem. A lovely, raw, honest read! Read her piece here


Most Powerful Expression: Monica Ferreira. Monica wrote a piece set at university, where a girl is nervous to approach and then trust the people in her hall. Monica encapsulates the tipping point between excitement and danger. Should she take the risk? How far should she go? It’s very well written and had us all gripped until the end, a must-read! Read her piece here



Have you got what it takes to go viral? Do you suspect your love of writing or filmmaking is more than just a hobby? Show us what you’ve got!

Over the years, HelloGrads has showcased hundreds of articles and videos from talented students and graduates, and now we want you to get involved. We’re launching an award to find the best young content makers in the UK. Entries must take the form of an original written piece or video.

Our competition is open to people between the ages of 18 and 30 who are studying at or have previously studied at a university in the UK or Ireland. Written entries must be between 600 and 1,200 words, and video entries must be no longer than two minutes. You may enter as many articles or videos as you like, but they must not have been published before and they must be relevant to our theme which is:

‘Going It Alone’

Think creatively. Your entry could be an interview, a diary entry, a poem, blog, vlog, animation or feature. It could be a guide, a letter to yourself, a travel journal entry, a short story, or a politically charged opinion piece. We cannot wait to see how you interpret our theme!

Remember that you’re making your content for HelloGrads’ audience of students and graduates looking for guidance about life after university. What would interest them?

We’ll be awarding a first prize of £250 in vouchers and a second prize of £50 in vouchers in three categories. And the categories are…

Most Accomplished Storyteller

Like every great story, the winning entry in this category will be gripping, beautifully told and well structured


Most Powerful Expression

We’ll be considering the impact of your vocabulary, phrasing, structure and format in terms of their emotional impact.


Most Original Interpretation

How will you make sense of the theme ‘going it alone’? There’s a prize for originality, so start colouring outside those lines!


‘How to Submit an Entry’

Entries open on Wednesday January 8, 2020. Entries close at midnight on Tuesday March 31, 2020.

Please submit your work to with the subject field HELLOGRADS CONTENT MAKERS ENTRY and include your name, date of birth and postal address, as well as a contact phone number and email address.

Please include a short introduction of no more than 150 words, covering where you attended university, what you studied, what you do now and what you’re passionate about.

The judges’ decisions will be final. Only the winners and runners-up will be contacted. By submitting an article or video, the entrant gives permission to HelloGrads to publish it on their website and social media channels at no fee.

Click here for full competition terms and conditions.


Good Luck!