Welcome to Your Next Chapter!

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Graduation means new beginnings, bringing exciting opportunities and fresh challenges to many aspects of your life. Any major change can potentially be stressful; and whilst we can’t totally prevent stress, one of the best ways of dealing with it, is learning how to manage it effectively.

Use the tips and guidance in this website to stay positive and embrace the challenges ahead!

Understand, but don’t feel overwhelmed by your new situation

– it’s a big change, but it’s absolutely manageable

Leaving university involves some major adjustments and a degree of unpredictability.   Education has provided a natural progression since early childhood, but after university, there is no logical next step – choices are wide open.
The next phase may mean moving back home, being separated from university friends, becoming financially independent and often managing on a tight budget, starting a job search and possibly relocating to a new area.  Adapting to this new life can initially seem daunting, unsettling;  but remember that change brings new openings – change can be healthy and liberating, and it’s essential for personal growth.
Reflect on what you have just achieved at university – brilliant!
Don’t feel pressurised to sort your life immediately.  Take control by focusing on small goals, one at a time e.g. prepare your CV, open a graduate bank account, register on the electoral roll, clean up your social media profile, get back on track with your interests or sport (join a gym, find a choir, play football, get cooking, start blogging…).
And reward your accomplishments, however minor – they all represent progress, and will help you stay positive and motivated.

Learn how to manage these changes, so you maintain a healthy, happy, balanced life style and avoid stress.  If you feel good, you will be more confident and you will perform better – more able to cope with the transition and ready to enjoy the next chapter of your life!


The keys to good stress management

Building emotional strength
Being in control of your situation
Having a good social network
Adopting a positive outlook

Professor Sir Cary Cooper – leading expert on wellbeing &
Professor of Organisational Psychology & Health at Manchester Business School


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