What University Doesn’t Teach You (But You’re Expected To Know)…

We have news! We’ve written a book: “SURVIVE & THRIVE: A Graduate’s Guide To Life After University”.
Rather like having a career and life coach in book form, Survive & Thrive guides you through all the things that university doesn’t teach you, but people seem to expect you to already know. From career decisions and job applications to sorting your finances and looking after your mental health, this book will help you devise a plan of action, see it through, and support you along the way.


Calling all final year students and recent graduates – here’s why you need this book

Graduation signals a new beginning, full of opportunity. But the months after leaving the university bubble can feel surprisingly overwhelming. So much so that many people will experience the ‘graduation blues’, aka ‘the quarter-life crisis’. It’s a time of uncertainty, changes and challenges: relocating, leaving friends, adjusting to life back home with your parents, finding paid work, choosing a career, all while working out how to become financially secure and living off a tight budget with no more student loan or discounts.
Whilst your degree gives you a valuable start for almost any career, most people leave university with limited life skills, ill-prepared for these real-world challenges. Students are not taught how to navigate the jobs market or rental market, and basic personal finance is rarely on the syllabus.
Graduates tend to rely on family and friends for guidance, who themselves often lack confidence to advise on these areas. Or they turn to the internet, where information can be confusing, inaccurate, or biased and agenda-pushing. A big part of the problem is that grads don’t know what knowledge they lack – and you can’t find the answers if you don’t know the questions!
And that’s why we wrote this book.

Who’s behind it?

During our years of running HelloGrads student and graduate support platform, many people suggested that we put our findings and info into a book. So, we consulted all sorts of experts, from CEOs of multinationals to entrepreneurs of successful startups, business advisers, careers services and recruiters, youth counsellors, banks and property agents, as well as many graduates who have recently been through the uni-to-work transition themselves.  They have all helped us put together a rich source of information, in an easy-to-read book, packed with practical tips and tools.

Survive & Thrive will help you take control of your life, and feel confident and upbeat about your future. It’s the perfect graduation gift for a university leaver or final year student!


What’s in the book?

Survive & Thrive book - Mind Map

  • Practical tips for managing uncertainty, to help you see the ‘big picture’, set realistic goals and make plans to keep you motivated.
  • Explore the many options after uni: from graduate schemes and entry-level roles with businesses large and small, to further education, travel, self-employment and entrepreneurship.
  • How to stand out in job applications, covering CVs, online profiles, cover letters, tests, interviews and assessment centres.
  • A step-by-step guide to building and nurturing your network, including online via LinkedIn.
  • Why work experience matters, how to find opportunities and get the most out of every placement.
  • First steps to managing your money: need-to-knows about student loans and bank accounts, how to budget and live within your means, and getting into the savings habit.
  • Navigating the rental market.
  • Tips for physical and mental wellbeing – spanning fitness, food, stress and sleep – because staying healthy will make this period of change far easier to handle.

And so much more…

Survive & Thrive book - job applications page


Where to find the book

Survive & Thrive is available from Amazon, WHSmith, Waterstones and other good book shops.


What our readers say

We have received great book reviews from Graduate Jobs and MoneyMagpie.
And here are comments from some of our readers:
‘Fabulous resource and a great graduation present! An excellent and practical guide for those taking the next step on their career path. This book draws on years of knowledge and experience, distilling it down into practical and achievable steps. It’s just what’s needed to build confidence in anyone graduating from college or university. A must read for all graduates and an ideal graduation present!’ (Ross)
‘Everything you didn’t know you needed to know.’ (Mrs. S.G.Heller)
‘I got this for my niece who couldn’t believe the wealth of really helpful and practical information contained inside. A book that really makes you wonder why this has never been done before.’ (PS Hayes)
‘Love it! I just bought this for my two daughters who are currently at University trying to navigate their way through internships and post grads jobs etc… It has so many useful tips and advice about finding jobs, who to live with and so much more. I’m so glad I’ve found a book that can answer some of the questions I’m not able to, and hopefully they’ll feel less stressed and overwhelmed about leaving University – wish I had something like this when I went!’ (Philippa Richardson)
‘I just bought this book for my cousin who is graduating from Exeter this year. I wish something like this had been around when I left uni. There are loads of books for first year students (like how to cook beans on toast) but nothing much for graduates. And yet most of us leave uni without a clue. This booked is packed with information on careers, renting, budgeting, mental wellbeing etc., There’s space to write notes in there and worksheets which is a nice touch.’ (ESG)