Job Offers

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Firstly, congratulations!

You’ve got a job offer and that’s fantastic! But before you accept, or if you are weighing up one offer against another, there are various things to consider.

Remember you will spend 40+ hours working every week, so make sure you evaluate what you really want out of your job. You’re much more likely to do well if you’re happy, and a high salary won’t compensate for feeling miserable!

Consider the whole package. Weigh up the pros and cons and trust your instincts – your gut feeling is probably right!

It’s perfectly OK to request some time to think over the offer, or to ask the employer further questions.

If you are waiting to hear from a company you really want to join, but have an alternative offer, it is worth keeping your preferred company informed, because that just might provoke a positive reaction from them!

Things To Consider



Money is not the only consideration, but it is an important one.
Is the salary what you expected?  Will it pay the bills? What about your future earnings potential?

Other Benefits

These can add a lot to the value of your salary and the compensation package should be considered as a whole, e.g. company car, private healthcare, performance-related bonus, pension, holiday entitlement etc.


Consider the company location, commute and where you will live. Does the job involve travel?

Company Culture

What were your impressions? Do you feel you will fit in and be happy?

Future Prospects

Will the job help you achieve your longer-term career objectives? What is the scope for career progression within the company? What training opportunities are on offer?

Company Size and Reputation

A large blue-chip organisation will look good on your CV and may offer an expected career progression, but would you benefit from greater flexibility and the freedom that a smaller company might offer?


Once you have made a decision, whether you are accepting or rejecting a job offer, inform the company in writing – Thank them for the offer, be brief and polite.

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