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Undeniably, times are tough and many of us will be affected by stretches of unemployment, regardless of qualifications, experience or age. Whilst we may not be able to control the situation, we can control how we react to it and how we move forward.
Whether you have just graduated, you’re taking a breather between jobs, or you’re facing an unexpected period of unemployment, here are 3 key areas to help whilst you seek work: adopt a positive approachboost your employability and ensure you’re receiving any financial support you are entitled to.


Adopt A Positive Outlook

If you’re a new graduate, we have plenty of tips on managing the transition between university and employment, so you maintain a healthy, balanced life style and avoid stress. Get ready to enjoy the next chapter of your life! See Welcome to Your Next Chapter.
If you are unemployed a little later in your career, see our guides on taking control of the situation and how to cope if you’re feeling stressed out.


Boost Your Employability

Searching, applying and securing that first job can be a long process. Keep going and stay positive! Prepare properly and present yourself well to maximise your chances. See Jobs – Before You Start
For anyone who is unemployed, see how to create a standout CV, tailor job applications, polish up your online profile, maximise your network and really impress at interviews.


Financial Support: Benefits Entitlement

You might be able to claim benefits if you’re looking for work, doing an unpaid internship, staying in education or on a low income.

If you don’t have employment immediately after graduation, it is worth checking your entitlement to benefits and pursuing any claim as soon as possible, because it can take a while to process and you may not be able to claim backdated payments.

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