Grad Bites: Saving for Your Future

Dennis Harhalakis is the Founder of Cambridge Money Coaching. He coaches people to transform the way they think about money, helping to reduce the stress around managing finances, and enabling them to make better financial decisions. We asked Dennis how young people should approach building future financial security for themselves. In this short video, he covers the following topics:

  • What you should consider when thinking about long-term financial security
  • Tips on savings, including building an emergency fund and putting money into tax-free ISAs
  • When and how to save for a pension
  • How to balance spending now and enjoying today, vs saving for the future

Also, take a look at Dennis’s video on investing, as another key way of building future wealth.

To find out more, or to contact Dennis about money coaching:
Cambridge Money Coaching
LinkedIn – Dennis Harhalakis

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We have produced a series of videos and blogs with Dennis, in which he explains how to build a positive, healthy relationship with money and deals with specific financial topics.


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