Grad Bites: Money and Me – Understanding our Relationship with Money

Dennis Harhalakis is a certified money coach, and Founder of Cambridge Money Coaching. He helps people transform the way they think about money, to reduce anxiety and enable them to make better decisions.
We have produced a series of videos with Dennis, in which he’ll explain how to build a positive, healthy relationship with money, including tips on building long term financial security, budgeting, saving and investing.
In this first video, Dennis discusses why many of us feel anxious and overwhelmed by financial matters. He explains the importance of building a healthy relationship with money, and how to begin.

Grad Bites: Understanding our Relationship with Money



About Dennis Harhalakis

After a 30-year career in financial services at various banks and financial institutions, Dennis moved into money coaching about 4 years ago, following money anxiety in his own life. Very few people have been shown how to manage their personal finances, and many of us worry about it. Dennis explains that money coaching is a framework for how we think and feel about money. This understanding helps us to make better decisions, reduces anxiety and other negative emotions, and is the key to achieving true financial independence.
In recognition of his work, Dennis was given the 2023 IFW (Institute for Financial Wellbeing) Award for Financial Wellbeing Educator.


To find out more, or to contact Dennis about coaching:
Cambridge Money Coaching
LinkedIn – Dennis Harhalakis


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