Grad Bites: Be Better at Budgeting

Many of us find managing money very stressful, partly because most of us have never been taught how – including being good at budgeting.
We spoke to certified Money Coach, Dennis Harhalakis, who explained why managing our finances can be such a struggle, and how to make a start. In this helpful video, Dennis explains the basics of budgeting, including useful techniques to control spending, how to start saving, and how to tackle that crucial balance between enjoying life now and saving for your future.



About Dennis Harhalakis

Dennis Harhalakis
Dennis founded Cambridge Money Coaching to help people change the way they think about money. He helps the m tackle their financial issues to reduce the stress and enable them to make better decisions and communicate in healthy ways.

To find out more or contact Dennis about money coaching:
Cambridge Money Coaching
LinkedIn – Dennis Harhalakis


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