Grad Bites: Developing Positive Financial Behaviours

Dennis Harhalakis founded Cambridge Money Coaching to help transform the way people think about money. He addresses their financial issues to reduce anxiety and enable them to make better decisions for themselves.
In our series of videos with Dennis, he explains how to develop a healthy relationship with money, including tips on budgeting, saving, and investing. In this latest video, Dennis discusses how certain positive financial behaviours can help you stay in control of your finances, to build wealth and financial security for the future.




About Dennis Harhalakis

After 30 years in financial services, Dennis started money coaching, following a period of financial anxiety in his own life. Most people have never been taught how to manage their personal finances, and many of us feel stressed about it. Money coaching provides a framework for how we think and feel about money. This understanding helps us to make better decisions, reduces anxiety, and is the key to achieving true financial independence. In recognition of his work, Dennis was recently awarded the 2023 IFW (Institute for Financial Wellbeing) Award for Financial Wellbeing Educator.


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