Spread the Pre-Loved this Christmas

There’s no doubt that the last few years have been tough, and the continuing cost of living crisis may be making lots of us a little worried about how we can afford to get through this festive season. With Christmas being the time of giving and celebrating, if you still want to show your friends and families how much you appreciate them through thoughtful gifts, even with tightened purse strings, have a read of our ideas of places to buy Christmas gifts that are a little easier on the bank balance, as well as being more sustainable and better for the environment (£42 million of unwanted gifts each year ends up in landfill!). What’s not to love?

Photo by Lore Schodts on Unsplash

Charity Shops

Good for clothes, board games, jewellery, crockery, decorations.

You’d be surprised at what you can find in a charity shop. They offer affordable second-hand items, your money goes to a good cause, plus you’ll probably find things that other people don’t have.


Depop  or  Vinted 

Good for second hand clothing.

You can find good quality clothing and accessories including designer brands – sometimes still with the tags in. Just download the app and search for what you’re looking for, or browse the homepages.



Good for second hand tech like cameras and games consoles, children’s toys, jewellery.

Internet shopping can save you time and money on getting to the shops (just check the delivery costs on items) and you can find pretty much anything you are looking for from all over the world.



Giving people things you received as gifts but haven’t wanted or used.

This helps you to clear space and stops things going to waste – just remember who you got the gift from in the first place!


Buy second-hand but add something special

For example, buy a second-hand photo frame and print a picture for it; reuse a glass jar but make a candle out of it; buy a pretty plant pot or vase but add a plant or bouquet of flowers.


Pre-loved from the high-street

Some high-street shops also sell pre-loved goods, such as Hardly Ever Worn It and Loop Generation in London. Have a search in your area to see where you can find!


If you have any great ideas for pre-loved gifts, or where to buy them, please share with us!


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