5 Ways to Stay Creative when WFH

Whether you work in a creative industry and need to feel inspired but are stuck working from home between the same four walls, or you want to get those creative juices flowing for fun, here are 5 tips to help you keep going and spark fresh ideas.

  1. Go back to basics and find the things that inspire you, or used to inspire you. Whether that’s going for a walk and exploring your environment (fresh air and a little vitamin D always does us some good), watching your favourite film, or listening to an inspirational TED talk or podcast, do things that make you feel positive and motivated to get you in the spirit of being creative.


  1. Talk to people, especially if you are used to working as a team. If you are experiencing creative block, perhaps you just need some interaction and stimulation. Organise a zoom call, or run your thoughts past your housemates or family and bounce ideas off of each other. Write down everything that you discuss as a small detail can lead to a big idea!


  1. Do some research. Although this may not seem like the most creative activity, it can spawn an idea and may also lead to more informed and complete concepts. Just Google a starting point and see where it takes you!


  1. Look back through your old work and see if any ideas can be improved on, or write down your ideas in different ways. Try lists, mind maps, Pinterest boards, recording voice memos, etc. Perhaps look through your ideas to refresh your memory, then take a break and revisit at another time, you might see things differently.


  1. Do other creative things that are unrelated to your work, such as painting, baking or reading a book to relax you and free your mind. We all need a little distraction every now and then! Plus, it could be fun!


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