Five Simple Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is undoubtedly an expensive time of year, filled with seasonal festivities, often lots of going out with friends, Christmas parties and buying gifts for loved ones. This year it is more important than ever to make Christmas accessible and affordable to everyone. Whilst celebrating Christmas is not all about the gifts, there are definitely ways to change up the present-giving process that will leave your bank account full, and your heart fuller.

These ideas are inexpensive, very simple to make and can be incredibly thoughtful gifts for people you care about.

1. Blind date with a book

You may have seen this concept in book shops, and it can be very fun and a special gift. The idea is that the book is wrapped up in brown paper, hiding the front cover and any description of the storyline. You then write a short description yourself, giving clues to the recipient, in as few or as many words as you please. You can buy the book new or second-hand, or even use a pre-loved one from your own bookshelf.


2. Treasure map date

This idea is another sentimental one, and a different, fun thing to do for a best friend or partner. Start with a blank piece of paper, choose your end destination, and make little crosses for a few places that you wil visit on the way during your date. This could include a park to walk through, a local coffee shop or a bookstore to explore. It’s up to you what you include on your treasure map, but you can keep it cheap by opting for nature or galleries and museums, whilst tailoring it specially for someone, with meaningful or romantic aspects.


3. Baked treats 

Everyone loves something freshly baked, and there’s nothing better than chocolate chip cookies or some seasonal shortbread. Or try our recipe for delicious festive Florentines. Simply wrap your homemade treats in clingfilm or baking parchment and decorate with ribbon, or pop them in a cookie jar or festive tin.



4. Homemade jars

Dotted around London and increasingly around the rest of the UK, are bulk food stores, that allow you to refill your own containers, saving on food and packaging waste. You pay for whatever you take from the bulk bins, according to the weight of the item. This provides the perfect opportunity to create homemade jars of either soup mixes, filled with lentils and any flavourings; or cake or cookie mixes with all the necessary ingredients. Just attach a ribbon and recipe. Or concoct a jar of fragrant bath salts and dried lavender, or a mulled wine kit with orange and spices. There are plenty of options to enjoy in the wintery months!

For zero-waste, packaging-free shops near you, click here.



5. Handcrafted candle 

Create a homemade candle for family or friends, scented to suit their home and style.  An ideal Christmas present to create a serene and cosy environment. This gift can be created by purchasing a candle making kit, which can make 3-4 candles.
Lit candle in dark room

Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash


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