How to Tackle the Job Search

If you have recently graduated, or you’re thinking about moving on in your career, read on for how to tackle the job search. Our guest contributor from a leading graduate recruitment agency, offers tips on how to impress employers and land a job that best suits your talents and interests.
It’s no secret that the past couple of years have been an unnerving time both personally and professionally. As such, you may have come to the decision that you’re going to switch careers or simply get your foot on the graduate job market. Searching for a job can feel like a never-ending journey, but with persistence and motivation, you’ll win over the best employers and secure your dream job.
We’re going to equip you with some top tips on how to tackle the job search.

Know your career goals

Firstly, you need to have a rough idea of your career goals. Identifying the type of career, you’re keen to pursue will narrow down your search and give you a clearer focus.
Failing to have some idea of your career plan will not only make you appear indecisive to employers, but could also lead you to be employed in jobs that are not linked to your interests, skills, and experience.
Some of the career goals to think about include:

  • Ideal salary
  • Job satisfaction
  • Job title
  • Career progression

Think about which of these aspects are most important to you so that you have an idea of what to prioritise when hunting for jobs.

Widen the reach for your job search

As well as scanning job boards, consider signing up to a recruitment agency that specialises in graduate jobs. They work directly with employers and gain access to the latest jobs in a wide range of sectors including marketing, sales, finance, design and more.
Most recruitment agencies will require you to create a video CV to showcase your personality and skills to employers as part of your application. Show them what you’re made of and you’ll no doubt see plenty of job offers coming your way!

Make the most of social media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may be typically used for making social connections, but are also beneficial for building your professional network.
LinkedIn is the ultimate social media platform for job seekers, in which you can chat with employers, discover job adverts and join groups related to the sector or jobs you’re interested in. So, if you’re still on the hunt for your ideal job, create a profile today to get started. Use specific keywords in the search box such as ‘careers,’ ‘marketing executive’ or ‘graduate jobs in London’ to seek opportunities and help you make connections with recruiters.
It is fast becoming the norm for companies to advertise jobs on social media platforms as it creates greater visibility to the target audience, with the understanding that the younger generation are frequent users of such platforms.
It would also be worthwhile following company pages of the corporations you’re interested in, so that you are instantly alerted of any new job opportunities.

Make networking part of your daily routine

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’? In the job-hunting world, this has never been so spot on.
Experts have discovered that approximately 85% of people have found their job through networking – and there’s a very good reason for it. Companies are much more likely to hire individuals that have been recommended to them or have reached out themselves and made a personal connection, than selecting a candidate at random.
Get yourself out there – attend job fairs, chat with professionals online and email companies that spark your interest. You never know where it may lead.
Networking event

Networking event – Photo by Antenna on Unsplash


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