Where to Search

You might have to delve a little deeper than the well-publicised graduate schemes, but there are plenty of job opportunities out there if you know where to search. Try these resources:

Your Target Companies

Use your network to find out more about a company, how best to apply, whom to contact etc. See Networking

Look for business events, advertised jobs and newsworthy developments that could lead to hiring, on the employers’ and recruitment websites, social media, trade magazines and business news.
LinkedIn Company Searches
Stay up to date with news and company accounts, discover job opportunities, find out if you are connected to employees.

Graduate boy

Graduate Employers

Check out the biggest graduate recruiters.
Note that some major companies prefer to poach graduates once they have a bit of experience, rather than take them fresh out of university.
Graduate Schemes: Generally designed to give graduates an overview of a company, sometimes working in different departments, before training for a specific role. Details can be found on company websites. The application process tends to be thorough and lengthy, with fierce competition for places.
Graduate Recruitment Fairs
An opportunity to meet the top UK graduate employers; benefit from expert advice on your CV, career direction and job-hunting.


Graduate Employers

The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers
The Guardian – Graduate Jobs
Jobs & graduate schemes
Bright Network
Jobs & internships for graduates of Times Top 20 or Russell Group Universities
Monster – Graduate Jobs
Types Of Jobs – Prospects
Profiles on hundreds of graduate jobs: includes job description, salary, entry requirements, training, career development, related jobs, vacancy sources & contacts
Graduate Schemes, Jobs & Internships – Target Jobs
Profiles of individual employers, including:
Advice about researching them
Info about their recruitment process, what they look for & tips on how to get hired
Highfliers – The Graduate Market
Annual review of graduate vacancies and starting salaries at Britain’s leading employers

Jobs, schemes & internships
The Times Top 100 Companies
Google Graduate Jobs in your chosen field


Social Media

Companies often post job openings as well as networking events. Keep updated with business news.
See Find Out & Connect

Business News

Read the business sections of newspapers, as well as trade publications and websites to find out about companies who are breaking into new markets or have landed new contracts; look at acquisitions, mergers and company expansions. These organisations are likely to be recruiting in the future, so get ahead of the game and apply on spec – it shows you have commercial awareness and a real interest in their business. See Speculative Applications 
Man Reading Newspaper
Insider Media
Good source of regional business news & organises regional business events
BBC Business News
Financial Times
Bloomberg Business
News, insight, videos and financial markets
The Economist – Business & Finance
City A.M.
News & opinion
Google News
Search relevant sections – business, technology, health etc. 

Newspapers – Job Sections

Our survey showed you found these papers to be particularly useful:

The Guardian

The Telegraph

The Evening Standard (London)

Recruitment Agencies

Some industries use specific agencies e.g. retail. They can also help you to decide what area you want to go into.

University or College

Contact the Careers Department and Alumni groups.
Universities/Colleges encourage alumni to stay in touch and they can be a good source of help and advice.
Attend Graduate Recruitment Fairs to find out what’s on offer.


The same job may be called several different names, which can be confusing. So Google words like ‘Marketing,’ ‘Banking,’ ‘Design’ etc. followed by ‘Jobs.’  You will get a massive list, but after reading a few, you will pick up on the job descriptions in these industries, and you can begin to get a feel of the type of candidate they are looking for.

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