Grad Bites: Working in Insurance

We spoke to Michael, a Broker at Willis Towers Watson, who told us about the main roles in insurance and what it’s really like to work in the industry (including those rumours you hear about going out for lunch… and not coming back)! Michael also talks about the advantages of both internal and external networking for building client relationships and for career progression.


Grad Bites: Working in Insurance


About Michael

Michael graduated from Newcastle University and landed a job in insurance as a broker. He worked there for 8 years and then decided he wanted to go back into education to further his qualifications. Having gained an MBA at Cambridge University, Michael is now an innovation consultant in the insurance industry.


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There’s a huge breadth of expertise required in the industry, from brokers and actuaries to risk surveyors and IT modelling. If you are interested in working for companies that tackle key issues facing the world today – such as climate change, cyber crime, global pandemics or political uncertainty – and how they manage the risk of these issues occurring, then it could be well worth looking into these careers.

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