Networking – Why it Matters



‘Network into your next job – all the evidence points to networking as the most effective form of job hunting.’

The Guardian


Researchers claim that 85% of all jobs are filled via networking!




Networking is all about getting to know people who can help develop your career.  It can be an invaluable resource throughout your career, especially as many job openings are never publicised. 


It sounds very formal, but actually, in most cases, it’s just about having a chat. Find out about them, their industry and where some of your skills might fit in.


As a new graduate with limited (if any) work experience, it’s not easy to ‘wow’ people with your CV; you’re more likely to win them over once they meet you, and see that you’re smart, ambitious, engaging etc. – so it’s worth investing time in this process.


Don’t assume that it is just for the experienced and outgoing – networking is a recognised business tool and the internet has made it a realistic option for everyone.  People are generally happy to help, having been in your position themselves; so don’t be afraid to ask for advice and information – just don’t ask people to help you get a job. See Networking Questions to get You Started


And never feel guilty or demeaned by accepting help – remember that whilst networking might open doors, it won’t get you the job… that part is solely down to you and how you present yourself.


So get yourself out there and start networking!

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