Grad Bites: Starting a Business – HR Consulting

If you’re considering a career in HR (Human Resources), or going it alone with a business idea, this video is well worth watching. Chris Matchan, an HR professional with over 30 years’ international experience, talks about setting up his HR consulting business – the type of work he is involved in, the contrasts with corporate life and valuable tips for entrepreneurs.


Grad Bites: Setting up a Business – HR Consulting


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CIPD  (the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development) is the professional body for the HR sector in the UK


About Chris

Having worked all over the world, in a wide range of industries including high tech, drinks, sports and banking, Chris now runs his own consultancy business: headhunting, coaching, outplacements, engagement surveys and teaching at various universities.

Chris features in several other HelloGrads videos about applying for jobs and making yourself stand out in a competitive market: CVs and cover letters, psychometric testing, interviews, assessment centres and presentations.

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