Grad Bites: Assessment Centres

Assessment centres (or assessment days) are often the final stage of the graduate recruitment process. Candidates are gathered together to complete a variety of tasks and activities that test suitability for the job or grad scheme. They enable you to demonstrate a wide range of skills, and allow employers to learn more about you than in a face-to-face interview.
Chris Matchan is an experienced HR professional, whose work has included designing & running graduate assessment centres. In this video, he explains what they are looking for and how to give it your best.

Grad Bites: Graduate Assessment Centres


About Chris

Chris Matchan’s career spans over 30 years in international HR roles, with companies ranging from multinationals to start-ups. He now has a consultancy business, where he is involved in headhunting and coaching, teaching at universities, and dealing with outplacements – helping people who are have been fired or made redundant, to find their way back into the jobs market.
As an experienced recruiter, Chris was the ideal person to share his expertise on job applications and how to stand out in a competitive market.  He offers valuable tips on CVs and cover letterspsychometric testing, interviews, assessment centres and presentations. He also offers advice for people interested in getting into HR, and tips for entrepreneurs.

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