Grad Bites: Coping with Nerves & Stress

Do you know that feeling when interview nerves turn your brain to mush? Or you get pre-exam jitters? Or you’re so stressed out, you can’t remember a thing you were about to present? We’ve all been there!

Chris Matchan, an HR specialist, explains that it’s totally natural to feel stressed in these situations, but he shows how to combat your nerves so you can be on top form and let your personality shine through!   🙂


Grad Bites: Coping with Nerves


About Chris:

Chris Matchan has worked in HR all over the world, in international roles with large corporates to advising start-ups. He now runs his own consultancy business: headhunting and coaching across several different industries, outplacements – helping people who are made redundant or fired to find their way back into the jobs market, as well as teaching at several universities.


Chris shares his expertise on various aspects of job applications and how to stand out in a competitive market, including   tips for CVs and cover letters, psychometric testing, interviews, assessment centres and presentations. He also talks to us about careers in HR, starting a business and the contrast with corporate life.

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