Grad Bites: Choosing a Graduate Career

Jon Benjamin has enjoyed an eventful and successful life in the diplomatic service. He offers guidance on choosing a graduate career, from making a conscious effort to think about your options, to getting the best information and following your passion.


Grad Bites: Choosing a Graduate Career



‘Work out what you really, really want to do.
And then work out how to get someone to pay you to do it.’

Jon Benjamin, Director of the Diplomatic Academy for the Foreign Office



About Jon Benjamin

Jon Benjamin, diplomat Jon graduated from the University of Surrey, with a degree in German, Swedish & International Relations.
He has been a UK diplomat since 1986 and has a strong background in human rights. Previously Ambassador to Chile and Ghana, Jon became Director of the Diplomatic Academy in July 2017. Other roles within the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, have included Head of Human Rights Policy Department (2002 to 2005), Deputy Head of Drugs and International Crime Department (2000 to 2002), and Head of Zimbabwe Emergency Unit (2000).
Jon is a Jewish Humanist and an ardent West Ham fan.
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