How to Write an Opening Statement for Your CV

Did you know you’ve got about 30 seconds to grab attention with your CV?


That’s probably all the time employers will look at each of the many CV’s that they receive, so you’ll need yours to make an immediate and lasting impact. Your CV is often the first chance you get to communicate with your potential future employer, so it’s important to make the right first impression.

opening statement

This is where an opening statement at the top of your CV can help. It’s an elevator pitch outlining who you are, your accomplishments, and what you can bring to the role and the company. – your chance to sell yourself in your own words.


We suggest you keep your opening statement short and sweet, to two sentences only, and stick to topics, skills or experience that aren’t elsewhere on your CV.


N.B. Some people don’t rate opening statements. We disagree, as long as they’re well written. They are only problematic when they don’t add anything useful. We’d suggest you include one, just make sure it’s brilliantly written, grabs attention, has personality, and adds real value.


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