Grad Bites: Career Choices – What’s Important?

In this video Bruce talks about what you should consider when making career choices, particularly the importance of assessing culture in business & trusting your own instincts.


Grad Bites: Career Choices – What’s Important?


About Bruce

Born in Scotland, Bruce studied law at Aberdeen University. After qualifying as a lawyer, he has enjoyed a very successful career (not practising law!) in diverse businesses, including the oil industry, Eurotunnel, Tussauds visitor attractions and a big care homes company. He is now CEO of Forest Holidays.


Bruce is married with 4 sons and 2 crazy Fox Terriers. When he’s not working or relaxing with his family, you will probably find him tearing down the slopes in Morzine – We can confirm he’s a real pro and has been known to ski whole days with only a Mars Bar lunch stop! 😵 Bruce also loves a glass of wine and fast cars… not at the same time!