Useful Tips for Grad Scheme Applications

Interested in Grad Schemes?

Grad schemes are great, but they are competitive and not for everyone. If you are thinking of applying, here are some useful tips from graduate recruiters.

grad scheme applications


Check the application deadlines here and allow yourself plenty of time:

  • To give yourself the best possible chance, you need to research the company and grad scheme, so you understand what they’re looking for and can tailor your responses. Don’t bother doing generic applications (one size fits all) – you won’t get the job.
  • Find out what psychometric tests they use and practise them. That will boost your confidence and help you answer timed tests more quickly.
  • Be aware that the applications themselves are time-consuming.
    Apply for fewer, do them well.



Power of 3
When you say things in 3’s, they are impressive, engaging and remembered.
So use 3 punchy bullet points to illustrate your answers (e.g. examples of your achievements). Try to choose examples that are relevant to the job spec, employer or company values.



The application process will vary by company, but see our guidelines on what to expect.

Remember there are other routes into these large companies, so don’t give up if you’re unsuccessful or just not ready to apply. You’re still eligible for many of these schemes up to 3 years after graduating.