Breaking into the Charity Sector

Our guest contributor (and HelloGrads Content Makers Award Winner!) Rosalie, discusses some great resources for anyone interested in working for the charity sector.
Working at a charity foodbank

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Breaking into the third sector right now is really difficult. Many organisations have struggled to stay afloat this year, which means fewer hires and even fewer opportunities for graduates. But don’t despair, you’re not alone. There are so many bright people like you who are looking for ways to do good and give back, and just need someone to give them a chance.
2020 has thrown inequality and injustice into stark relief. Demand for charitable services has skyrocketed and funding has plummeted, pushing non-profits to find new ways of doing things in this brave new world. It might be hard to see right now, but this is actually a really exciting time to get into the charity world. You can play a key part in re-imagining and rebuilding the sector as it gets back on its feet. So, don’t lose that conviction or let the fire burn out, these organisations need your passion, creativity and enthusiasm more than ever.
Remember that it’s also OK to take a break from applications and spend some time focusing on something different. If you’re stressed and worn out, you’ll end up making silly mistakes that could cost you an interview, so take a break and be kind to yourself. If you’re looking for something to break up your week, affordable, online courses are a great place to start!
You might know you want to work for a charity, but don’t quite know exactly what that looks like in practice. If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Charities are really complex and a little impenetrable from the outside. Utopy’s Charity Fast-Track Foundation Programme is a great way to access that insider knowledge and get to grips with how exactly the not-for-profit world functions. From building a brilliant comms plan to winning hearts and changing laws, this programme will take you on a journey through the sector, and reveal what it truly takes to change the world. Utopy also have lots of helpful blog posts on their website full of insights into the industry.
David Plant graduated from the foundation programme last year and has since gone on to land a fundraising role at an environmental charity. He says, ‘If you’ve already decided that a non-profit career is for you then this course will give you the foundations and direction you need to make that happen. You already have the passion; the course will show you what’s available and where your skills would be best put to use.’
It’s not easy to be a graduate right now but help is out there, you just have to know where to look!


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