Grad Bites: Charity – Key to Freedom

In this video fashion designer Penny McIvor talks about the work she does with the Key To Freedom initiative, supporting the Women’s Interlink Foundation (WIF) in India.


Grad Bites: Charity – Key to Freedom


Key to Freedom was set up to support the charity Women’s Interlink Foundation (WIF), by giving them a platform to sell their products. WIF works across West Bengal, India, helping vulnerable young women build a new life through enterprise.
Most have been rescued from a life of domestic abuse or from being trafficked into the sex trade. WIF provides the girls with refuge and support, as well as developing skills such as sewing and textile printing, so they can earn a living and regain control of their lives.
Fashion designer and supplier Penny McIvor, became involved with the charity to help expand their market, designing products with wider commercial appeal and gaining access to new outlets. Their collaboration with Top Shop has proved highly successful, with the exclusive collections flying off the shelves – exquisite ranges of scarves, kimonos and bags, each individually signed by the woman who hand-made it.

Key To Freedom Label
Key To Freedom Products

All profits go straight back to WIF, bringing in a better income for the women and funding the charity to rescue more girls, with plans to build new homes. Some of the original girls have now earned enough to set up home together and are still happily working for Key to Freedom; they have even had their first wedding… one of the young ladies married the trainer who taught them sewing skills.