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There are several ways to apply for jobs and various routes in:

Job application for a specific position

Graduate scheme

Speculative application

Through a contact (networking)


In most cases you will need to write a cover letter.


The purpose of a cover letter is to introduce yourself, explain why you are interested in the job and organisation, and why you are well suited for the position.
Your aim is to encourage the reader to look at your CV and offer you an interview.
Personalise your letter – show that you understand their business and that your own values and interests reflect the company culture.  It is an opportunity to convey your personality and passion, to complement your CV (which is a more formal, factual summary of your achievements and experience).
Very Long Cover Letter

General Tips

Try to write to a particular person; if necessary, call the company reception and ask for the name of an appropriate contact.
Be brief – no more than one page.
Target your letter to the specific company; it should be evident that you have been selective, and not just written the same letter to loads of employers. See Tailor Your Application
Let the tone of your letter reflect the company ethos.
Use your own words – let your personality come across.
Be enthusiastic – show passion.
Avoid starting every sentence with ‘I.’

What To Include

Introduce yourself.
Say why you are writing. If you are responding to an advert, mention where you saw it.
Why this company? See Tailor Your Application 
Explain your interest in the job and organisation – why you decided to pursue this career path and what attracted you to them.
Use a ‘hook’ such as news of a product launch, or create a link with their company culture and your personal values and interests.
Show why you are well suited to the position.
Relate your key strengths to the job requirements.
Don’t just repeat what is in your CV. Cherry-pick the most impressive, relevant aspects and elaborate to show why that makes you ideal for the role/company.
Reaffirm your desire to join the company.
Please find enclosed my CV etc.
Add ‘I look forward to hearing from you’ type of statement.

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