Why the Web is Such a Game-Changer for Future Careers

Guest writer Bob explains how the web is a game-changer for careers today and in the future, from the jobs we can choose and the way we work, to what we can learn.
It’s difficult to imagine a world without the internet, isn’t it? It has become an integral part of our lives that helps us connect, learn, work, and simplify most of our daily activities. But one of the greatest things about it is that it can help you build a future career. With a simple Google search, you can enter an entire universe of learning opportunities and even land a full-time job or a side hustle.

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Let’s take a look at some of the best career possibilities the Web has in store for you.

New job types

Thanks to the internet, you can choose from a wealth of jobs that are just as exciting as they are lucrative.
Some of the most popular (and high-paying!) jobs that the internet created include:
* Web developer
* App developer
* Software engineer
* UX designer
* Ethical hacker (cyber security expert)
* Cloud architect
* Digital marketer
* SEO consultant
* Social media manager
* Content creator
* Podcast producer
* Influencer
Three decades ago, when Tim Berners-Lee created the first ever web page, these jobs did not even exist. Today, they are all fantastic career opportunities that a growing number of people are embracing.

Professional advancement opportunities

If you’re looking for opportunities to advance your career, the Web is an excellent place to start.
There are currently over 1.84 billion websites out there, many of which offer ways to hone your skills and move forward in your career. They offer a chance to move from an entry-level job to a higher position in the same field or even assume an entirely new role in a company.
Employers can now provide online training to accommodate every employee’s individual learning style and help them grow. Not so long ago, that was possible only on-site, with an instructor walking the trainees through all the necessary tasks. But you can find an abundance of online courses to enrol in on your own, and download resources to learn as you want, at your own pace. The options are seemingly infinite.

Easier skill acquisition and education

Just as you can advance your career online, you can also acquire new skills to help you get the job you desire.
You’ll find online courses on Udemy, edX, FutureLearn, and many other sites covering loads of different topics. They can help you build skills while unemployed so that you’ll be more than ready to tackle any challenge once you land your dream job.
And let’s not forget that you can earn a degree online. Numerous universities and colleges offer full degrees at every educational level. Almost all of them offer at least some of their programmes online, while others provide fully online degrees allowing you to study from home.
The Open University
Distance learning – UCAS
Study Portals

Remote work opportunities

Millions of people worldwide are working remotely, thanks to the internet. With tons of online tools and apps at our disposal, we can perform most office tasks from anywhere. You can teach remotely, manage projects, write content, conduct data analyses, and much more.
Still, many people don’t favour the idea because of the feelings of isolation and various distractions at home. However, there are many ways to stay creative when working from home, so it can still be an exciting and productive experience. You can curl up with a good book, listen to an inspirational podcast, or hang out with friends and colleagues – even if it’s over a video call. Anything that recharges your batteries can inspire a fresh perspective.

Freelancing as a viable option

According to recent freelance statistics and trends, there are currently about 1.1 billion freelancers worldwide, with over 1.4 million in the UK alone. That’s about 35% of the global workforce.
Freelance platforms, such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com, have opened the doors to anyone looking to work independently.  You won’t have the security of consistent work and regular income, or employee benefits such as holiday entitlement and a workplace pension scheme, but you will benefit from freedom and flexibility: you can make your own schedule, control the workload, and even earn a pretty penny.


The internet has revolutionised the way we learn, work, and play, and it’s bound to bring even more ground-breaking changes. Embrace it to build your future career, and you’ll reach extraordinary heights.

About the author

Ogi (Bob) Djuraskovic is Founder of First Site Guide, which aims to help you build a successful online business with the right mix of skills.


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