Grad Bites: Sport – Lessons for Life & Business (Part II)

Drawing on their experience, Matt Taylor & Patrick Burge continue their discussion on what sport and business can teach each other, with valuable lessons for life as well.
In Part II of our video, they look at assessment and analysis, what we can learn from losing, and how stress can be a positive force.


Grad Bites: Sport – Lessons for Life

Video credit: The Athletes Mental Performance (BBC)

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Key Takeaway for Graduates:

If you are involved in sport, think how you can apply your learning when describing your skills for your CV and interviews: team work, discipline, focus, determination and commitment, analysing problems from different perspectives, learning from setbacks, transparent measurement of performance, channelling stress as a positive force, taking responsibility etc.



Patrick refers to these books:

‘Two Lengths of the Pool’ – Simon Hartley

Crystallises what an Olympic swimmer needed to do to win a medal. Shows how      the same principles can be applied to sports and business, to help you simplify     and clarify what you do, develop razor sharp focus and improve performance.


‘The Chimp Paradox’ – Prof Steve Peters

Mind management programme to help you understand how your mind works and    develop skills to remove anxiety, have confidence and choose your emotions.



About Matt Taylor & Patrick Burge

Matt Taylor is an ex hockey international, and Founder of successful coaching business MT13, who worked with some of the gold medal winning ladies’ Olympic hockey team.
Matt is also Director of Hockey at the University of Nottingham
Patrick Burge is a business advisor & mentor, working across several industries including sports bio-mechanics, and with Matt at MT13. Patrick is also Co-Founder of Smorgasbord Startup Services, who offer a range of services, funding and mentoring to growth companies in the UK.

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