Grad Bites: Sport – Lessons for Life & Business (Part I)

What can sport teach business? You might be surprised.
They have plenty in common. We interviewed Matt Taylor and Patrick Burge, who draw on their experience working in both fields, to explain how sport and business can learn from each other.
In Part l of two videos, they talk about the benefits of bringing in expertise.

Grad Bites: Sport – Lessons for Life

Video credit: Lightfoot Media & The University of Nottingham Ladies Hockey Club


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Patrick refers to these books:
‘The Score Takes Care of Itself’ – Bill Walsh

Bill Walsh was one of American football’s greatest coaches. He taught that the requirements of successful leadership are the same, whether you run an NFL franchise, large multinational or very small company. Inspiring words for leaders in all professions.


‘The Inner Game of Tennis’ – W. Timothy Gallwey

Guide to the mental side of peak performance. Gallwey has written similar books on other sports & disciplines: golf, music, work etc.



About Matt Taylor & Patrick Burge

Matt Taylor is an ex hockey international, and Founder of successful coaching business MT13, who worked with some of the gold medal winning ladies’ Olympic hockey team.
Matt is also Director of Hockey at the University of Nottingham
Patrick Burge is a business advisor & mentor, working across several industries including sports bio-mechanics, and with Matt at MT13. Patrick is also Co-Founder of Smorgasbord Startup Services, who offer a range of services, funding and mentoring to growth companies in the UK.


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What could sport possibly teach us about business?
The world of sport & the world of business have many things in common. Patrick discusses the ironies, the similarities & the opportunities for business & sport to embrace and exchange the learning.


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