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Flavour of the Month: Lockdown Lasagne

This week's flavour of the month is in celebration of National Vegetarian Week, we have prepared a veggie lockdown lasagne recipe. It's nutritious and totally delicious!

Flavour of the Month: Fruity Flavoured Water

Infusing your water with fruit is a great way to stay hydrated, give your metabolism a nice boost and prevent overeating, as sometimes dehydration is disguised as hunger! It’s also a great thing to do when you’re hung over to replace all the lost nutrients etc. Fruit such as lemon and lime have great detoxifying ...

Flavour of the Month: Chinese Pineappley Prawns

Inspired by Chinese New Year, this recipe is delicious! The sweet & sour flavours will tantalise your tastebuds, whisking to an oriental world far away from your kitchen table...Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but they are tasty!

Flavour of the Month: Mac-No-Cheese

Veganuary This month we are loving the Veganuary trend, so wanted to create a comforting favourite to hit all your cheesy-loving needs and give you a little inspiration towards the end of the month – so try our delicious Mac-No-Cheese! Veganuary has gained a lot of supporters on social media, with nearly 200,000 signing up ...