Six Reasons Why You Should Consider Going Travelling

We all know everyone loves a holiday – whether that’s lounging about in the sun in Spain or skiing in Avoriaz – taking a short break is relaxing and fun. But have you ever thought about taking an extended trip and backpacking around the world? Have you been inspired by travel stories from your friends, or have you longed to visit some of the places you’ve seen on the Explore page on Instagram? Well, good news! Here’s a list of good reasons why you should consider going travelling, so it will be easy to convince yourself (and your parents if you need to)!


1. Get to know yourself better

Going travelling, whether with a friend or by yourself, can help to push you out of your comfort zone. You may be in a place you’ve never been before, perhaps staying with strangers. You may spend some time alone or have to get to know a whole new group of people. You may travel to different locations every few days, having to introduce yourself and get to know people just as frequently. Putting yourself in these positions can really help you to see how you cope in different situations and can push you to your limits. You may learn what you are good at – perhaps calming people that feel anxious or being able to adapt to different personality types – as well as things that you are less good at, and that you could work on.

2. Become more understanding

During your travels, you are likely to come across lots of different types of people, whether that is local residents, or other travellers that you meet along the way. You may spend a few nights in a hostel with 20 other people or spend a day on a boat with another group. There will be people that you warm to, who become friends for life, and people that you don’t! But each person can teach you something – whether that’s the art of patience and inner strength, kindness or friendship. If you spend lots of time with a small number of people outside your usual circle, you can really delve into the reasons why people are the way they are. This is definitely something you can take home with you, which may help you be a little more understanding of others.


3. Learn what is important to you, and to appreciate what you have

Although travelling can help you disconnect from everyday life, it can also help you love home even more. You will meet people from all walks of life, some that may have considerably less than you. You’ll also have minimal possessions (and maybe money) with you, and have to learn to live without western amenities from hot water to flushable toilets. Plus, you might even realise you miss your family a little more than you thought you would.

4. Become more independent and confident

Whether you are 17 and taking a year out with friends before university, or off on your first solo adventure aged 25, being abroad and responsible for your own time, money and travel can be quite liberating. Whereas you may previously have been nervous about asking strangers for information, you will now be chatting to everyone you meet. Having to order food in a place where no one speaks English or doing your research to find a suitable hotel, all provides you with skills and confidence that you can take back and use in your normal life.


5. Learn new skills

Whilst travelling, there are plenty of skills to learn, from picking up the local language, learning to cook and trying out a new sport or activity. You may also develop valuable life skills, from managing your money (and different currencies), planning, organisation and resourcefulness etc. You might even discover skills that you want to pursue when you return home, whether that be as a hobby or new career! If you go travelling, do add this to your CV. Not only would it explain employment gaps, but it says a lot about someone’s personality, as well as the skills and experience they acquired.

6. Enjoy yourself!

Going travelling, no matter for what length of time, can help you take a break, disconnect from reality, and reconnect with yourself. You’ll experience so many new things and create memories that you’ll talk about for ever. It can help give you perspective and motivation (even if that’s motivation to work so that you can afford to go away again). Most of all – it’s just so much fun!

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