Grad Bites: Starting a Coaching Business

Mark Rice has over 25 years’ experience in recruitment, runs his own career coaching business and has recently completed a Masters degree in Career Development and Coaching Studies.
In this video, he talks about the joys and challenges of running a business and why he decided to return to education after so many years’ experience. And, as a career coach, he offers some invaluable advice for students and graduates.

Grad Bites: Starting a Coaching Business


‘A lot of Students leave university feeling that they need to have all the answers, but you don’t.
I’m 49 and I’m still finding out!… It’s about self-discovery, finding out your passions and then just going for it.’

Mark Rice, Career Coach



More about Mark Rice

Mark set up Career Thinking in 2006 and offers a bespoke career coaching service, from bite-size guidance such as job applications, interview prep or writing CVs, to weekly coaching sessions exploring career options and then helping clients to secure a role in their chosen field.
Mark is happy to answer questions from students and graduates. You can contact him via HelloGrads, his website or LinkedIn.

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