Grad Bites: Job Applications – Dealing with Knockbacks

In this competitive graduate jobs market rejections are inevitable, but they can seriously dent your confidence. Hear some encouraging words and tips on dealing with knockbacks and getting your job search back on track.


Grad Bites: Job Applications – Dealing with Knockbacks


About our contributors

Thank you Lotty, Tamsin, Rebecca, Chloë, Rikesh, Jill and Doug!

Lotty was working in Property at the time of the interview, she now works in Marketing for a jewellery brand.

Tamsin is the founder of Glitzbox, a jewellery subscription brand, and also works for a jewellery company in their marketing department.

Rebecca did a graduate scheme, which led to her career as a Food Product Developer at the Co-op.

Chloë is an early careers coach, who set up her own Life Coaching business, Quarter-Life; she loves helping other young people discover their passion and working out an action plan to help them reach their goals.

Rikesh (RKZ) is a successful musician, photographer and creative, who has spent part of his career as a freelancer.

Jill is former Marketing Director at Forest Holidays and now works in the charity sector.

Doug works in trading and has recently moved jobs to work for a US bank.


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