Grad Bites: Top Tips for Graduates

In this short video, we hear from a selection of professionals and relatively recent grads, who give us their top tips for new graduates.  From choosing a career, and coping with knockbacks, to embracing life after uni…find out what they wish they had known when they graduated!



About our contributors:

Thank you Chloë, Rebecca, Michael, Mark, Louise, Alessandra, Bruce and Rikesh!
Chloë is an early careers coach, who set up her own Life Coaching business, Quarter-Life; she loves helping other young people discover their passion and working out an action plan to help them reach their goals.
Rebecca did a graduate scheme, which led to her career as a Food Product Developer at the Co-op.
Michael works in the insurance industry, and after a few years in business, has recently completed an MBA.
Mark is an experienced career coach, who set up Career Thinking, to support people looking to begin or change their career.
Louise has worked for NGO’s, including Malawi Mangoes as a brand strategist.
Coming from a financial background, Alessandra now runs her own nutritional supplement business, Evermore Health, and she also started the Bright Mentors scheme as a side passion.
Bruce is CEO at Forest Holidays having studied law and worked in many businesses, including the oil industry, and care homes.
Rikesh (RKZ) is a successful musician, photographer and creative, who has spent part of his career as a freelancer.