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LinkedIn is a great platform for a number of reasons…

Search for jobs – Learn about openings as soon as they become available. 35% of students plan to use LinkedIn as their main source for job hunting.

Follow companies – In addition to job opportunities, they often post events that could prove useful for networking and fact-finding. Keep up-to-date with news and plans (e.g. expansion or acquisitions that could lead to hiring).

Identify people who have an aspirational career path, who work in a particular field of expertise, or current and former employees within your chosen company/industry. Check out their career paths – how did they start?

Connect – Expand your horizons and boost your visibility by engaging with relevant people and groups, and participating in discussions.

LinkedIn allows for more private communication than some other platforms; it may give you the confidence to connect with people, whom you would not otherwise approach.

LinkedIn recommend you don’t add people that you don’t know. A lot of people may be happy to give advice or guidance if you contact them directly, but make sure your message is written in a professional manner and is appropriate. If they do respond to you, then you can add them as part of your network

Facebook & Twitter

Facebook & Twitter sites provide a great way to keep track of business news and events.
Follow companies you like, join in discussions on Twitter – demonstrate your passion and knowledge during interviews/applications.

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