Personality Tests

Personality questionnaires and Psychometric tests can help match people with roles and companies, and can therefore be a useful tool in guiding career choice.

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What do They Measure?

Aptitude Tests measure performance and skills. They can assess your ability to carry out different tasks, like problem-solving, processing verbal or numerical information etc.


Personality Questionnaires help determine personality profiles and interests. They measure typical behaviour by looking at character traits e.g. how you interact with your environment and other people, what motivates you, and your preferred manner of doing things. Personality tests have no right or wrong answers – it’s more about what part of your brain lights up first.
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Why are They Useful?

Psychometric testing aims to provide accurate, consistent and objective measurements, so fair assessments can be made, without subjective views.

Careers Guidance

Personality questionnaires can help you find out more about yourself and direct you towards careers that utilise your strengths and passions.

We all make assumptions about our own skills and abilities, but psychometric tests can spotlight career directions you had never considered, or help narrow down options. They can also identify interests and values that will be fundamental to your job satisfaction.

There’s a wide array of tests available, including many online options; some charge for their service, others are free, or give you an initial top-line assessment and you can pay for an in-depth report if required.  Bear in mind that tests have their limitations, so do plenty of research and get proper advice to assist with career choice.

Candidate Selection Process

Psychometric testing is widely used by employers, as part of the selection process, to assess whether a candidate is a good ‘fit’ for a job and company culture.  Recruiters commonly use personality questionnaires, aptitude and knowledge tests, under timed conditions.

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