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Naakaree Spero is the 25 year old founder and editor in chief of KBS Magazine. Growing up with a large overactive imagination and the need to put pen to paper, she started writing stories at a young age. Naakaree continued to write and publish her first Novella ‘Two Minds’ in 2016. Enjoying the experience of writing a book so much, she decided to change her major in Nursing to Journalism to make a career out of writing.


Where is she now?

Naakaree is currently living in Newcastle of NSW, Australia, turning her Novella into a screenplay and writing a new fantasy novel. Aside from creative writing, Naakaree is working full time on her magazine and this year is adding a podcast to the mix.

With a lot under her belt at such a young age, Naakaree shares her tips for all you budding writers.



Often people assume that writing is an easy job. I’m not here to tell you that it is. Coming up with content is hard and time consuming. Some days I wake up and want to write so badly, but nothing will come to me. And other days I am bursting with new content. Writing is really something you need to be passionate about, as it’s very time consuming and takes a lot of work.

Here are my 6 tips that I’ve found very helpful in my career:

1. Write everyday!

This is my advice to anyone wanting to work as a writer, especially a freelance writer. Even if it is for five minutes. Every bit counts and even if you are not happy with your work, you can always go back and change it. And you never know, it may spark new ideas for different stories or other sections of the same story.


2. Submit your work everywhere

You will be surprised how many places will take your work. Not only will this get your name out there, but it will also give you experience and build up a portfolio for yourself which is beyond valuable.


3. Use the time you have

Another tip that I have found to be extremely valuable it to make things happen for yourself. After I had written my first book and published it, I found myself thinking, ‘Now what?’. That is when I heard some very good advice that went a little like this. “You have the same amount of hours in your day as anyone that you look up to. Utilise them.”


4. If nothing is coming to you in the way of jobs, make a job for yourself.

This is what led me to start up my magazine and I will tell you now that it was the best thing I have ever done! The amount of opportunities it has unveiled and the amount of opportunities I have been able to give to other writers is beyond what I would have ever thought.


5. Take a break to get over writer’s block.

You will experience writer’s block at one point or another, it happens to all of us. One thing that really inspires me is to go out into nature and take a breather. When I see how amazing nature is it always inspires me.


6. Last of all, keep persevering

You will get there one day. You may not even notice the difference until you look back, but it will work if you keep working hard, so keep pushing through.


Writing is such a therapeutic and rewarding career and one I would suggest to anyone creative.



Naakaree Spero

Founder and Editor in Chief of KBS Magazine.

With an overactive imagination and the need to put pen to paper, Naakaree started writing early on. At 25, she has already started a blog, written & published a book and her first Novella, which she is turning into a screenplay. She is also writing a new fantasy novel and working on a podcast. Unstoppable!

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