How to Holiday at Home

If your travel plans are on hold for now because of cost issues or other priorities, take a look at these fun ideas for how to holiday at home (garden/outdoor space essential):

1. Turn off your laptop and leave your phone inside the house! Try to forget about all the niggly little administrative things that need doing in your life (or do them before your home holiday officially begins).
2. Create a holiday space in the garden – think deckchairs, parasol, hammock, bunting, fairy lights, fire pit, speakers.
3. Fill your fridge with ‘holiday’ food and drinks: ingredients for your favourite breakfasts, pre-mixed cocktails and bubbles in the fridge, ice cream in the freezer. For extra authenticity, stock the fridge with things you only ever eat on holiday (cola-flavoured Calippos and Havarti cheese anyone?!).
4. Invest in a decent paddling pool to cool down in, or club together with friends do a hot tub hire – the hire company will put it up and empty it for you at the end.
5. Plan some day trips to places you’ve always wanted to go (but haven’t because they’re on your doorstep), and cycle there, because it’s extra fun.
6. Book an activity and try something you’ve always wanted to do e.g. stand up paddleboarding, indoor climbing, day cookery course, horse riding, hot air balloon trip.
7. Read a really good book from cover to cover.
8. Invite friends round for daytime picnics and evening BBQs.


Relax & unwind

Simple Summer recipes to enjoy:

Picnic treats

Scandi open sandwiches

BBQ sides

Summer popsicles


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