Grad Bites: Lockdown in NZ – Not the trip we planned

2020 was their year of freedom, the year they were going to travel the world, until lockdown changed their plans entirely. Hear from Tom and Jess, two recent graduates, who found themselves stuck in New Zealand at the start of a worldwide lockdown caused by Coronavirus. They tell us about their struggle with deciding what to do and then trying to get a flight back home. We’re delighted to have them back on home turf now, but it wasn’t without a struggle and a few failed attempts.


Lockdown in NZ – Not the trip we planned!


Tom – Graduated from Nottingham University in 2019 having studied Economics and is currently job searching.

Jess – Graduated from Bournemouth University in 2019, she studied Nutrition and is heading to Kings College London to study Dietetics in 2020.


We hope you’re all well and staying safe at this time! If you’re concerned about anything in particular, or are trying to get home like Tom and Jess were, please see the links below which might help you.


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