50+ Things to Do in Isolation

Isolation doesn’t have to be boring… Here are 50+ things to do in isolation. We are going to keep adding to this based on what we get up to, so do let us know if you have any suggestions!



Cooking – Food & Drink

To Watch

To Read & Listen to

Get Gaming

For Your Mind & Self Care

To Socialise

To Help

Get Creative

To Exercise & Move

Get Outside

Declutter & Spruce

Challenge Yourself

Make an Isolation or Post Isolation Plan


Cooking – Food & Drink


1. Cook a tasty meal with the ingredients you DID manage to find at the supermarket!

HelloGrads – Flavour of the Month
A monthly recipe to support a healthy lifestyle – drink, breakfast, lunch & dinner ideas


Think that vegan food is bland? Find out how to make delicious, quick and simple vegan recipes that are healthy and still knock your socks off every dinner.


Jamie Oliver
Video recipes to follow on his YouTube
His latest series to help with random ingredients is Keep Cooking & Carry On, on Channel 4.


Rhiannon Lambert
Registered Harley St Nutritionist + many more qualifications, has many great recipes on her website. Rhiannon also has a podcast where she talks about evidence-based wellness, no fads in sight etc.


2. Brew your own bevvy

Make your own Beer, Kombucha, Kefir or Tea


To Watch


3. Watch some TV and catch up on series

James Cordon’s Late Late Show
Featuring Carpool Karaoke and Crosswalk the musical. One of the funniest and most uplifting things to watch, genuinely. See clips on YouTube here


David Attenborough
Although nature is showing us its darker side right now, David Attenborough is the man to make you love it. He has an entire page on the BBC here


Killing Eve
An intelligence officer is tasked with catching the world’s deadliest assassin but just becomes increasingly obsessed and attracted to her target, the psychopathic Villanelle. Unfortunately for her, the feeling is mutual. A killer thriller that will keep you hammering ‘next episode’ everytime you see it. Catch up on BBC iPlayer here


One woman tries to deal with constant tragedy and keep smiling through it all. Her life is crap, her family is crap and her cafe is failing but the comedy keeps coming through fourth-wall breaks, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s unstoppable charisma and sharp writing. Catch up on BBC iPlayer here


Quick and easy to follow documentaries about the most interesting topics in the world today. Instantly feel smarter in 20 minutes and feel like you’ve just spent your time very productively, which makes it perfect to watch before a huge binge of something dumb. Available on Netflix.


Lindsay Ellis
The master of ‘hot takes’ about Disney, musicals and all manner of pop culture in her long-form video essays that discuss everything from monster boyfriends in film, how Pocahuntas was a mistake and why the Hobbit movies turned out so differently from the Lord of the Rings. Available on YouTube.


Geography Now!
An on-going project to discuss every single country’s history, geography and culture. What do you know about the island nation of Nauru? Probably not enough! Find anything you could want to know about the places that make up our planet Earth. Available on YouTube


Academics, artists and filmmakers all come together to discuss the philosophy behind all of your favourite TV shows and films. Are they deep or are they dumb? A great way to understand what exactly you loved about your favourite media. Available on YouTube.


The Pixar Story
A behind the scenes at the Pixar Animation Studio, tracing the creation and history of the ground-breaking company. YouTube link here for £3.49 & Amazon Prime here £3.49 & available to subscribers on Disney +.


Russian Doll
A modern Groundhog Day but much darker as Natasha Lyonne gets stuck in a loop of constantly dying and being reborn on her 36th birthday. Every time she dies, the layers keep peeling back and she understands a little bit more that there might be an actual ‘end’. Big ideas, good laughs and some mind-blowing moments.


Anne with an E
If you loved the literary adventures of Anne of Green Gables as a young-un, this Netflix adaptation is well worth your emotional involvements Anne, Marilla and Matthew are perfectly cast, it’s shot on location in Canada (stunning), and series 3 sees Anne mature into the feminist she always was.


Gilmore Girls
In 2005 a U.S. sniper platoon deployed to Iraq famously watched Gilmore Girls between dangerous missions. Set in the fictional small town of Stars Hollow, these macho marines said there was nowhere they’d rather escape to. The story of single mother Lorelai and her bright, hardworking daughter Rory really is the ultimate antidote to the status quo, and withstands repeated binge watching.


To Read & listen to


4. Read a book

Do see our highlight on Instagram for book recommendations here

Ego is the Enemy
If you fancy a life re-evaluation… This book is about lots of different things, but it includes teaching us not to be dependent on validation but being self-motivated and staying tied to reality rather than feeling entitled to success.


Shoe Dog
A memoir by Nike co-founder Phil Knight. The history of Nike from its early struggles to its evolution into one of the world’s most recognised and profitable companies


Secret life of a Barrister
This Sunday Times bestseller ‘reveals what it’s like to be a barrister and what happens inside the courtroom. Sometimes funny, often moving and ultimately life-changing.’ I have started reading this and it’s really good so far! An insight into the criminal justice system for you and me.


Guns, Germs & Steel
Pulitzer prize winning non-fiction that tries to answer the question why Eurasian and North African civilisations colonised the world instead of the other way around. Diamond flattens the arguments of those who believe Europe is more enlightened, moral or inventive than the rest of the world. A fascinating look into human history that will hold revelations for anyone who reads it.


5. Host a virtual book club

Download books on your phone, iPad, laptop etc. and share the recommendations with your friends, then chat about your thoughts with a cup of tea or a G&T!


6. Listen to a podcast

Do see our highlight on Instagram for podcast recommendations here.


Millennial matters by Philippa & Laura
A podcast about all things millennial, what we’re talking about, worrying about or into right now.
We were on the podcast, to listen to us click here.


Grad Life by the Horns
This podcast talks all things graduate life. It covers everything from graduation blues to what it feels like being in the real world. A good listen for these uncertain times.


Happy Place by Ferne Cotton
Ferne draws on her own experiences and shares advice from experts on how to work through feeling blue to finding joy each and every day.


The Dropout
The rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and her company – the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire lost it all in the blink of an eye? It’s a great listen,  fascinating turn of events.


Mystery Hour
LBC run a weekday phone in called Mystery Hour where people get to ask any question they have been wondering about and then other people phone in with the answer. Just listen to it because it’s really good and entertaining – 12-1pm on Thursdays LBC 97.3 or catch the previous versions on their podcast here.


Ctrl Alt Delete by Emma Gannon
Loving what you do. ‘This is not a traditional career podcast. It’s a podcast for people who’ve looked at their interests to shape the work they do’.


Food for Thought by Rhiannon Lambert
Rhiannon is on a mission to simplify wellness, the podcast will equip you with all the evidence-based advice you need to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle. She has recently done an episode on Coronavirus where she interviews a doctor.


Table Manners by Jessie & Lennie Ware
Mother & daughter talking to celebrities about their lives, past and love of food. We had to put this one in as they’re another mother & daughter partnership.


You’re Dead To Me
The biggest misconceptions in history tackled by professors and comedians. Pick a topic, sit back and listen to masters of their craft make you laugh, learn and feel really smart until you forget it all the next day.


True crime stories from years past to the present day all told in dulcet tones by narrator and journalist Phoebe Judge. Such good storytelling you’ll want to delve into the entire back catalogue.


Reply All
Tech mysteries are solved by talented journalists PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman. Each podcast features painstakingly researched stories, woven into gripping pieces, such as the woman who believed she could be a Bitcoin millionaire but didn’t know how to track down her virtual fortune.


My Dad Wrote a Porno 
Don’t be scared by the title, this is perhaps the most hilarious podcast out there and has over 200 million downloads! TV writer Jamie Morton reads his dad’s super cringey amateur pornography novels aloud, whilst his two friends take the mick. Deeply unsexy but unstoppably funny, you’ll be recommending this to all your friends after one episode.


Welcome to Night Vale
A podcast which takes the form of a helpful community radio show from a quaint US town where every conspiracy theory is true and surreal horrors stalking the night are as part of the daily routine as walking to work. Very silly and utterly bizarre, this podcast is any sci-fi and horror fan’s dream.


How to Fail 
Host Elizabeth Day interviews famous guests like Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Marian Keyes, Tom Kerridge and Alain De Botton. But rather than focusing on their many successes, they zoom in on their failures. It’s equal parts candid, sad, funny and hopeful. The moral, of course, is that our failures teach us far more than our wins.


7. Listen to music to suit your mood or feel uplifted


Spotify playlists

To work to / de-stress to
Your Coffee Break
Acoustic Covers
Calming Piano Covers


To sing & dance around to
Happy Hits
Power Ballads
Funny Songs


To chill to
Songs to Sing in The Car
Feel Good Friday
Chill Hits

Get Gaming

Whether you have a board game, pack of cards, Macbook, Windows laptop or a console, there has never been a more idel time to get into gaming as you have access to hours of entertainment without ever leaving your house.


8. Play board games & cards

2+ player – Monopoly, Pandemic
1 player – get a pack of cards and play solitaire


9. Video & phone games

There is something for everyone in the world of video games

2 player

Heads Up
A phone game where you guess the word on the card that’s on your head from your friends’ clues before the timer runs out!


Words with Friends
Crossword puzzle game to test your vocabulary and play with friends!


2 player or single player

Jackbox TV
Playable on just about anything, Jackbox TV is a cracking series of minigames that run through a console or computer but is played remotely on everyone’s phones. Drawing games, trivia battles, comedy dating simulators, Jackbox has everything for a cracking evening party without anyone even being in the same postcode.


A chaotic co-op game where everyone controls a little chef in a kitchen filled with inexplicable hazards but they still have to prep, cook and get the orders out. Fantastic fun but can also lead to some Gordon Ramsay moments from your more fiery friends. Available on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC or Mac.


Portal 2
Fancy yourself a puzzle solver? Portal 2 is both a charming single-player story experience and a fun co-operative experience for you and a friend to try to test out your teamwork and spatial skills. Available on Playstation, Xbox and PC or Mac


One of best-selling game series of all-time, this turn-based strategy game has you steer a group of people from the stone age all the way into the future while competing or cooperating with other nations. Great fun with friends but an equally powerful time-eater when played alone. There is no other experience like watching in disbelief as Gandhi launches nukes at the Aztec Empire in an attempt to rule the world. Available on Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. .


10. Set up a Quiz

Host a virtual pub quiz – write your own questions or use existing ones using Kahoot app
Make your own emoji quizzes to share with friends – films, bands, tv series etc. It’s really fun!


For Your Mind & Self Care


11. Start a relaxation routine – meditate, mindfulness, breathing

Headspace app – mindfulness for everyday like. Meditation and sleep made simple.

Calm app – meditation and sleep stories

Seek & spread positivity – share uplifting quotes


12. Start a journal or scrapbook

Write down your thoughts and feelings. Add 3 good things you have done each day, maybe add photos and drawings to make it more like a scrapbook


13. Pamper yourself

Light candles

Play mood music

Apply a face mask – see our recipe for a homemade one here

Relax in a bubble bath

Soothe your senses with aromatherapy then curl up with a good book

Manicure & paint your nails, or try a foot mask

Try out some new hairstyles plaits, space buns, braids, straight, curly, grow a beard


To Socialise


14. Video call your friends

Use one of the following: FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts


15. Join Houseparty app with all your friends

Join here. Really easy group video chat app where you can chat and play games like heads up and do quizzes.


16. Join the Sofa Singers

A weekly singing group set up to sing from your sofa! Find out details of the next singing evening here


17. Host a happy hour

Everyone choose a recipe and do a cocktail making session – Quarantinis, Pina corona, Lockdowners


18. Come dine with me

Cook apart, rendezvous on a laptop to eat together and chat


19. Virtual dating

If you’re single, why not get onto dating apps and meet some new people? Have a Skype date?


20. Call one or two friends/family

Call one person each day. Think about people who might be more in need right now.



To Help


21. Do some ‘caremongering’

Sign up for a weekly volunteering stint – phone buddy for the elderly, deliveries for food banks, or just check on your neighbours to see if they need anything

Community support groups:

Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK – list of local support groups




22. Help your colleagues

Send out a newsletter or an email of things that are helping you with your isolation, share funny memes, stories, set up a virtual quiz etc. Have regular calls with your team to check everyone is engaged and happy.


23. Use Borrow My Doggy to take dogs for a walk

Those who are vulnerable will really need help with this, it will also be very fun for you and you get to spend time with dogs!

Get Creative


24. Draw

Solo Activity
Draw round your hand in different positions, swap colours, make it into a picture


Activity for 2
If you’re with someone else, both have a piece of paper and a different colour pen each. Draw a line anywhere on the page (any kind – wiggly, straight, angled), swap paper and make their line into a picture


25. Paint

Solo Activity
Paint your feelings – just put brush to paper or canvas

Set up a still life

Paint yourself looking in the mirror


Activity for 2
If you’re with someone else paint each other.


26. Make

Use clay, newspaper, paper, wood or any other materials

Make Papier Mache candle holders – google it, it’s a thing


27. Write/Vlog

Start a blog or a YouTube channel. What are you into – cooking, beauty, working out, gaming?


28. Or enjoy someone else’s creations

Pore over puppy photos, move to music, watch a new release, get stuck into a book, make a playlist, put on a podcast. There’s also talk of a virtual Frida Kahlo exhibition!


To Exercise & Move


29. Try a new type of exercise

Fitness Blender
Search over 500 FREE workouts by length, difficulty, training type, muscles used, calorie burn and more.


FIIT app
You can select classes by difficulty, type of class, trainer etc. There are 3 studios – cardio, strength, rebalance – it literally covers everything. They also run live workouts You can get a 14day free trial then pay for the premium workouts – prices are on the app. There was a 25% sale when I last looked.


30. Find your zen with some Yoga or Pilates

This will be particularly good for those of you sitting at a desk all day.

Shona Vertue
Shona’s videos cover yoga, strength training and mobility. If you have been sitting all day or been doing exercise and are feeling a bit creaky, she’s the one for you.


Yoga with Adrienne
YouTube channel with tonnes of yoga videos, including meditation and specific areas etc.


31. Learn a dance from TikTok

Join TikTok, a video sharing social media platform. Download here


32. Do some cardio, HIIT training or strength training

Alice Liveing
On Instagram Alice has been creating some amazing home workouts. I tried her at home dumbbell workout this morning and it was sweaty, you should have seen me! She also has some using no equipment. Alice also has workouts on her YouTube channel.


Joe Wicks – The Body Coach
Joe’s YouTube channel has loads of fun, quick workouts for everyone. HIIT workouts for 15, 20, 30mins. He is hosting PE lessons during isolation which you can find on his YouTube Channel too.


33. Try some gymnastics or sharpen up your dance moves

Remember forward rolls, backward rolls, tank rolls (2 people), cartwheels, handstands, the worm


Get Outside


34. Surround yourself by nature

Go on a walk

Bike ride


If you have a garden, have a picnic in the sunshine

If you have a garden, why not do a spot of gardening – get rid of the dead leaves, weeds, plant some flower

Declutter & Spruce


35. Clear out your wardrobe

 Bag up stuff for charity or sell your once loved items on Depop (you might have to wait to send them in the post or take to the charity shop until quarantine is over, but get it all ready).


36. Re-shuffle your food cupboards

Check dates and sort your sauces, spice racks & snacks, clean your fridge out


37. Deep clean the house

Pick a section of a room or an entire room and deep clean it – skirting boards, corners, cupboards.


38. Declutter your social media

Unfollow people who don’t make you feel good, follow some positive powerhouses. 2 of our favourites – @quarterlifecoaching – life coach and amazing girl Chloe. @fmcgoss – foodie updates on new snacks and some comical captions, also run by a fabulous Chloe.


39. Sort through your emails

Have an email cleanse. Sort through things you’re subscribed to and your junk mail, update email addresses if you keep a contact list.


40. Spruce up your surroundings

This can really help boost your mood – add plants, flowers, candles, music, wall art – look at Hygge & Feng shui


41. Do some DIY

(Do be careful) Put up that shelf, change the lightbulb, re-paint, put up pictures

Set Yourself a Challenge


42. Complete a jigsaw

Here are some 1000piece jigsaws!


43. Learn to play a musical instrument

Pick up the guitar collecting dust in your room


44. Do an online course

This could help increase your skills for your job start a new hobby. To find companies that provide good online courses click here


45. Start genealogy

Trace your family history, who knows what you might find!


46. Learn to sing a song

Be that person that knows all the lyrics. Try Karaoke on YouTube


47. Learn about something new

Crash Course – Does what it says on the tin by providing quick and easy to understand blasts of information about any topic you can think of. Economics? Philosophy? Psychology? It’s all here and hosted by a rather charming John Green.


48. Set a fitness challenge

Run 5km, do 10 full press ups, hold the plank for 1 minute, manage a handstand unsupported, complete a workout plan

Make a plan


49. Set some isolation goals

What will you have done, read, achieved by the end of isolation? Write a to-do list


50. Make an after-isolation jar

Write down all the things you wish you could do in the jar so when you’re free, you can do each one.