Grad Bites: Interview Tips for Introverts

Are you more the thoughtful, quiet type rather than confident and gregarious? More #shrinkback than #standout? If so, you probably dread job interviews; but don’t worry, HR professional Mark Swain gives some great interview tips for introverts and explains why you have a lot to offer employers…


Grad Bites: Interview Tips for Introverts



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Mark is one of our regular contributors at Hello Grads.
 His blogs and videos focus on some pressing issues for graduates: choosing career direction, recognising what you have to offer, and making yourself stand out in a competitive jobs market.

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Mark Swain

Mark Swain

HR Professional, Director of Partnerships at Henley Business School



About Mark Swain

Mark has enjoyed a career across sales, marketing and many aspects of HR. As Director of Partnerships at the Henley Business School, he delivers high-end learning and leadership development to senior business executives – through training, events and networking.
Contact: or and @meritology

Director of Partnerships at the Henley Business School
FInstSMM – Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management
Fellow at The Learning & Performance Institute
Lead consultant at The Chemistry Group

Education:  University of Portsmouth – Economics