Grad Bites: Internships, & How to Turn Them into Job Offers

Internships are a great way to gain valuable industry experience and can lead to permanent roles within a company. Elena tells us of her experience with internships, including giving her tips on applying for internships and turning them into job offers.



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Internships & work experience
Why work experience is so important, how to plan, where to find opportunities, how to get the most
from your placements


Internship opportunities:

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About Elena

Elena studied Politics & Media Communications at Newcastle University, during which time she did several internships. That led her to a successful career in global communications. However, during recent lockdowns, Elena spotted an opportunity and has now started her own business, Neighbourhood Pantry. As many of us relied on (and appreciated) shopping local during the pandemic, she capitalised on that trend, bringing together premium local food and drinks stores for convenient shopping and delivery via one website.