Disconnect & Reconnect – A Digital Detox did it for Me!

Following our article about how digital culture is impacting our brains and social interactions, we asked twentysomething professional actress Nancy how she felt about her screen free week…

What is a digital detox?

It’s when you stop using all screen technology and electronic devices – everything from smartphones and laptops to TV and Sat Nav – going completely tech-free for a period of time. It’s supposed to be an opportunity to reduce stress, connect with nature, and engage in real face-to-face human interaction.

Why did you decide to do a detox?

It was slightly accidental, because it was part of a week’s meditation retreat I wanted to go on. But when I found out that phones, computers and everything else were not allowed, it definitely made the whole thing even more appealing.

Which detox programme did you go on?

The Art of Meditation retreat

What were your usual digital habits before the programme?

My two main habits were watching stuff on my laptop to help me fall asleep and always going onto Facebook and Instagram, mindlessly ‘scrolling’ especially when bored/on the train or tube/waiting for people to arrive etc. – not serving any purpose.

Did being offline for a week change your habits e.g. social media?

It really did. I’m yet to ‘scroll down’ on my Instagram and Facebook feed. I don’t watch things on my computer to fall asleep to and I’m always putting my phone on airplane mode if I’m not using it. I’m just much more conscientious about my usage.

How did you fill your time without all your devices?

Woman going for a walk in countryside

Photo by Dmitriy Ganin on Pexels

Meditating and going on walks! I’m sure if I wasn’t on a meditation retreat and allowed books and things to write with, I would read, write and draw too. I like to communicate with people face-to-face and have real conversations.

Does limiting your screen time help productivity or relaxation?

Yes! I feel incredibly relaxed, and it wasn’t just because of all the meditating!

What did you learn from the experience? Would you do it again?

Mainly, how much noise we add to our lives by constantly concerning ourselves with others, through social media. And how much we miss out on by constantly staring into a screen – we are no longer present in the world around us, but have chosen an intangible one instead.

I would DEFINITELY do it again!! And for the future, I plan to turn my phone off at weekends for mini detoxes!  🙂


Thank you Nancy 😄


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