Stuck in a Rut? Make a Change!


Any change in your career can be daunting, but if you’re stuck in a job that doesn’t feel right don’t be scared to make a change.

For me it took a while, but once you admit it to yourself it is less scary and becomes exciting. On the surface I was doing well… I had a great job with a well-known company and had progressed quickly in the 4 years I had been working in the industry. I convinced myself it was what I wanted as I had worked so hard to make it all happen… but something wasn’t right.
I began to feel constantly stressed, tired and frustrated. I looked at other aspects of my life and knew I had to admit it was my career that was the problem – which really wasn’t easy! I felt unfulfilled and knew I hastrength and weaknessesd to make a change.
So, what next??
Well I certainly knew it felt right in my gut… so my next moves were to make sure that following my gut and quitting would be a rational decision and not one I would live to regret.
Challenge yourself to stay at your current company by exhausting all options. See if you could move departments, or take on a different role. You don’t want to leave wondering if you made the right decision, so make all the necessary moves to ensure there really is no way you could possibly stay put.
I talked about it. Like any other problem in life, talking about it can be very valuable. Voice your concerns about your career to someone close to you that you can trust. Even from that first conversation, for me it became that bit more real and therefore more achievable.
A big decision like changing industries, or a significant role change shouldn’t be made on a whim. I made sure I had carefully considered exactly what it meant for me to leave my current job. I didn’t know what I wantecover letter or pros and consd to do next (this can take some time to figure out), but regardless I wrote down the Pros + Cons of staying put, or moving on and finding something new.
It’s important to speak to lots of different people in various parts of your life. See what your friends are doing on LinkedIn. Is there anyone it would be worth chatting to? I spent my free time networking with contacts as much as I possibly could. The more conversations you have, the more people you meet and the closer you become to finding your next opportunity.
Whilst I didn’t know exactly what it was I wanted to do when I left, I spent a lot of time researching other career paths. Take a look at websites that encourage working in a job that matters to you. I found Escape The City a really interesting place to start for inspiration– they have some exciting and unusual job opportunities and also hold workshops and events that you can go to.
Remember (especially when you are listening to a lot of advice from different people) that you know what’s right for you more than anyone else. Listen carefully and take what you can from each conversation, but don’t take any advice as black and white… decide what works for you.
It may seem scary, but when you are young and don’t have great responsibilities you can afford to make changes – don’t let fear hold you back.
Be bold, be brave!   🙂
stay positive