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Why It Matters

Social media is now a primary source of communication, and is becoming a key player in the recruitment process, for jobseekers and employers alike.

Importance to Job Seekers

Half of all job seekers are active on social networking sites on a daily basis’

Source: 2013

Job Seekers Social Media
🙂  Managed in the right way, social media can be an invaluable tool – allowing you to discover and be discovered.

🙁 But it could also cause you to lose out on opportunities!

Sort your social media profile before you even begin job-hunting, so that it helps rather than harms your chances.


Be Discoverable – Create a Positive Presence
Be Curious – Find Out and Connect

Job Success Social Media


A Key Recruitment Tool for Employers

To search for potential candidates

To screen applicants

Only 4% of recruiters DON’T use social media in the recruiting process

Source: Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey Results 2015  p.3

The network used most by employers is LinkedIn, followed by Facebook & Twitter.

But other platforms often unearth talent, particularly in the creative fields.

For example…






Search for Potential Candidates

After referrals, recruiters find their best candidates through social & professional networks

Source: Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey Results 2015, p.2

Informing jobseekers – Posting job opportunities, publicising professional events and showcasing the company

Seeking out talent – particularly via LinkedIn

Screen Applicants

93% of recruiters will review a candidate’s social media profile before deciding whether to hire them

 Source: Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey Results 2014, p. 10

Viewing social media profiles enables recruiters to gauge a candidate’s fit with the company:

Professional Fit – LinkedIn & personal websites. See Professional Profile

Cultural Fit – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ . See Personal Social Profile


55% of employers have rejected an applicant based on their social media profile

Source: Careerbuilder Survey 2014

The most common reasons for rejecting a candidate:

Alcohol or drug habits

Badmouthing a previous employer/employee

Provocative or inappropriate photos

Sexual posts

Spelling & grammar

Foul language or discriminatory comments

Lying about qualifications


A third of recruiters discovered online content that persuaded them to hire a candidate

Source: Careerbuilder Survey 2014

Reasons why a profile conveyed a positive impression:

Appealing personality, well-rounded

Professional image

Good communication skills

Supported qualifications, or included favourable references posted by others

Showed creativity


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