Which is the UK’s Healthiest University?

As a result of the pandemic, everyone is now paying more attention to their own health and wellbeing, and students are no exception. Guest writer, Adele, takes a look at new research into the UK’s healthiest universities.

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If you were asked about the first words that come to mind when you think of students, ‘healthy living’ probably wouldn’t be that high on the list. However, these days students are putting an increased focus on their wellbeing, showing there’s more to university than just takeaways, hangovers and all-nighters! But which are the best universities for health-conscious students? Well, according to a new study, Glasgow University takes the top spot as the UK’s healthiest university.

The research, from sports nutrition brand Myprotein, ranks 101 of the UK’s highest rated universities, comparing them across 11 different health-related criteria. The factors included ranged from on-site facilities and BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport) ranking to the average cost of a gym membership and air pollution levels in the surrounding area.

Glasgow University took the top spot, earning a score of 94.9 out of 100. As well as topping the overall ranking, Glasgow also ranked number one for both Sports Science and Food Science degrees. The average cost of a gym membership in Glasgow is just £22.47 per month, and students have access to a wide array of health and fitness-related societies, from yoga and self-care to wild swimming and even Quidditch!

Loughborough University came in second place, with a score of 86.04, ranking number one in the BUCS leaderboard and number four in the UK for Sports Science degrees. There are plenty of clubs and societies to keep students busy too, including hiking, gliding, surfing, roller hockey and more.

The top 10 healthiest universities are listed below and you can explore the data in full here.

1. University of Glasgow – 94.9
2. Loughborough University – 86.04
3. University of Surrey – 81
4. King’s College London – 80.18
5. University of Nottingham – 79.58
6. University of Bath – 79.38
7. Newcastle University – 79.36
8. Edge Hill University – 78.54
9. University of Exeter – 77.68
10. University of Stirling – 77.54


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