7 Skills You Need to Succeed in Hospitality

One of the most exciting industries you can join after graduating from college is the hospitality sector. Working in this field is rewarding both financially and career-wise. It is also a great industry to be in if you have a penchant for helping and meeting people from all walks of life.

If you want to apply for a hospitality job, having the right qualifications will help you stand out from the competition and find success in this industry. Possessing an impressive skill-set will help you get ahead.



Here are seven skills you need to succeed in the field of hospitality:


1.  Customer orientation

This skill refers to your ability to make sure you meet customers’ needs and wants. Regardless of the situation you are in, you should do everything you can to help or prioritise customers.

Aside from dealing with customer complaints in the best way possible, being customer-oriented means ensuring all guests have a memorable experience at the hotel, cruise, or wherever you are working.

From the moment the guest walks in to the moment they leave, you have to make sure they have a wonderful time, and that they get everything they are expecting.



2.  Communication skills

Customers are the heart of every hospitality business, so you need to be able to speak with them in a way that they will understand you. You have to be clear and concise at all times yet maintain a professional and friendly air, whether you are talking to guests at a hotel, by phone or responding to their emails or chat messages.

You need to have the ability to listen proactively as well. You have to learn to listen to customers and understand what they are really saying so that you can address their problem or request efficiently.

In case you aren’t confident with your communication skills now, the good news is you can continue building them when you work in hospitality. Aside from undergoing training, you will have various opportunities to develop and refine your communication skills, since you will be constantly interacting with customers.



3.  Attention to detail

Attention to detail is crucial in the hospitality industry, as customers will be judging everything they see and come across, including you. Because of this, everything needs to be of the highest standard so that customers will be impressed, or (at the very least) satisfied.

This skill will be drilled into your work ethic from day one on the job. If you already have a keen eye for detail, you can further refine this skill when you start working.



4.  Problem-solving skills

The ability to think quickly on your feet is crucial to effectively dealing with and solving various issues on and off the floor. Developing and following a structured approach to any problem will help you cover the essentials every time an issue arises.

There will always be customers who will have complaints or requests that you sometimes can’t accommodate. You will have to rely on your imagination to find the ideal solution for such situations.



5.  Flexibility

Most types of hospitality staff work on-call for long and difficult shifts. You will likely be required to work during the holidays too, since they are the most profitable times of the year.

As such, you need to be flexible with your personal plans so that you can work during these busy times. The upside is there are benefits to working these difficult shifts. Most companies offer incentives such as bonuses, extra pay, and additional holidays to take later in the year.

There will also be instances where you will be shuttled from one department to another. Your ability to be flexible and learn quickly will help you adapt in each new setting and role.



6.  Organisational skills

Working in the hospitality industry means taking on multiple tasks every day. To stay on top of all these, you have to stay organised.

Organisation has a knock-on effect, so it really is fundamental to your role. For instance, failing to schedule a cleanup for a previously occupied room when the new occupants are ready to check in will reflect poorly on you and the hotel.



7.  Teamwork

Lastly, nearly every type of work within the hospitality industry involves teamwork. You will have to work not only with the other people in your department but also with the rest of the employees and executives in the company you work for.

Having excellent rapport with colleagues will allow you to work with them seamlessly, ensuring the guests are given the best experience and the quality of service they expect.

team work

The above skills combined with your commitment and drive to do well will help you break into the hospitality sector and be successful in your career.




About the Author

Daulet Zhumagulovis is Founder and CEO of WeHoteliers, a specialised online hospitality portal in the GCC region where prospective and experienced talents can explore career opportunities and be discovered by the top employers of the industry.
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