Moving into a Shared House

House sharing is a great way to start renting, split living costs and get to know other people either during your studies or after graduating. But moving into a shared house can be nerve wracking, leaving you feeling uneasy. If you properly prepare yourself for living with other people, it’ll help you to relax and look forward to the experience.

Guest contributor Martha from Compare My Move, has put together 5 top tips to help you prepare for moving into a shared house.

1. Do your research

Locality - Things to checkBefore you make any financial commitment, you should be certain that this is the house and location for you. Do your research on the local area and check if it has everything that you need nearby. It is important that you visit the house before signing any contracts, to ensure it has everything it promises in the listing.

You need to have a good feeling about the house share; if not, you should keep on looking. You won’t be able to change your mind once you’ve signed the contract, so trust your gut feeling rather than regret your decision.

2. Have questions ready

Don’t be afraid to gather your thoughts and make a note of a few questions you want to ask the other housemates, so you can get a good idea of what it would be like living with them. Have they all known each other for ages? Do they cook together? Do you need to bring anything or do they have you covered? What’s the landlord like? How soon can you move in?

If you have a significant other, make sure they don’t have a problem with your partner staying over; the same goes for friends and family. Do they have any specific house rules? Hopefully, the other housemates will be friendly and relaxed, and you will have a good feeling about sharing with them.


3. Get to know your housemates beforehand

To help break the ice and make moving day less awkward, try and arrange to meet up with the people you’re going to be living with beforehand. If this isn’t possible, add them on social media and create a group chat.

This is a great way to get to know your future housemates, as well as offering the chance to create some house rules, which can help prevent misunderstandings and make your house share run smoothly. You can continue the group chat to arrange paying bills and food shops once you’ve settled in.

4. Create a moving checklist

Follow a moving house checklist to help you to fully prepare for moving into a shared house. As with any move, you will need to pack up each room and ensure you have essential items for your new home. Work your way through the checklist, starting a few months before moving day to make sure that you’re fully prepared. This will allow enough time to plan the move and reduce the risk of forgetting any important items.

5. Make it your ‘home away from home’

Moving out, potentially away from family and friends can be tough on anyone, especially if you’ve just graduated, and you’re going through big changes in your life. Plan to make your new shared house as comfortable and homely as possible. Try to personalise your room as far as you can by taking some of your favourite home comforts with you. Make sure you have everything you need to feel relaxed and settled in your own space.

If you stick to these 5 top tips, you will feel well prepared to move into your house share.  Good Luck! Enjoy!

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Martha Lott

Contributor Martha Lott
Martha is the Digital Content Executive for Compare My Move.
An American History graduate with work published in Film Criticism Journal and the Journal of Black Studies, Martha likes nothing more than to research and write.