Grad Bites: Managing Money when You’re Self-Employed

Dennis Harhalakis, Founder of Cambridge Money Coaching, shows people how to transform the way they think about money, helping them to reduce anxiety and other negative emotions, make better financial decisions and communicate in healthy ways.

In this video, Dennis gives guidance to self-employed people on managing your money. In particular, he addresses the importance of understanding how much to charge for your work and pricing your services correctly.


About Dennis Harhalakis 

Dennis enjoyed a successful 30-year career in financial services before moving into money
coaching. This change was driven by experiencing a period of money anxiety in his own life and a desire to understand what drives money behaviour. Dennis explains that, even though money is central to our lives, few people have been shown how to manage their personal finances, and many of us get stressed about it. Money coaching is a framework for how we think and feel about money. Having a proper understanding about money reduces anxiety and helps us to make better decisions, enabling us to achieve true financial independence. Dennis is the recipient of the 2023 IFW (Institute for Financial Wellbeing) Award for Financial Wellbeing Educator.


To find out more, or to contact Dennis about coaching:

Cambridge Money Coaching
LinkedIn – Dennis Harhalakis

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