Hump Day Help

Happy hump day they say… We all have those days when things just aren’t going so well. That’s ok, we’re only human. If you feel like a lot of your days are spent worrying, feeling anxious or down, we have found a few brands who are listening and should be able to help you. Even if you don’t feel low, some of the sources will be useful anyway, especially when you’re faced with stressful times – perhaps exams or you’re having a tough time at work!

The Blurt Foundation

‘Increasing awareness and understanding of depression’. The Blurt Foundation have loads of sources and information. They also have a podcast , a community of like-minded individuals talking about their struggles and ‘Buddy Boxes’ (this is my favourite thing about them). Buddy Boxes are small letter box sized gifts sent to you or a friend each month. You can buy them as a one off too. I ordered one a while back and got lavender bath salts and some other bits and pieces.


Headspace Personal Trainer
Headspace is an app for meditation & mindfulness. The app is described as a ‘personal trainer for the mind’. I use it and it’s great, very easy to do anywhere, they take you through it slowly but surely so it’s perfect for beginners (like I was). When you buy the app, a donation goes to someone in need, so they get the Headspace app for free. They discuss how mindfulness & meditation can help, to find out more click here.

Campaign Against Living Miserably (Calm)

CALM image
Calm is a charity supporting those with depression. They have many resources, a helpline, events, webchat etc. Professor Green is their Patron and they’re partnered with some big names such as Topman as well as being supported by experienced professionals. Although CALM was started to help young men suffering with depression, they help anyone. We are speaking to one of their ambassadors, Rikesh, so we will follow up with an interview soon.


See our SOS – Professional Help page for more sources. We talk about how to stay positive and stress less too, so take a look if you fancy it.


It seems to me a lot of people in their early – mid 20s are feeling anxious or low… (I honestly think amongst my friends, everyone has anxiety). We’re supposed to be fully developed by this time but actually we continue to adapt and learn how to deal with being inside our own heads. Agreed?


Sophie x